Looking For an LP to CD Turntable
By Gordon Zill

I admit it, I'm an aging Baby Boomer. Time has passed much too quickly. Sorry to all those who hate the whole "when I was your age" thing but when I was your age I built up quite an impressive record collection. I loved going into the record store and just looking around at what was for sale. Reading the liner notes on the back of the jacket and looking at the pictures and graphics on the cover was a great pastime for many of my generation.
  • The latest Allman Bros. album
  • An old 1957 version of T-Bone Walker's "Stormy Monday".
  • Derek and the Dominoes "Live".
  • J. Giels Band - the one with "Wammer Jammer"
  • Firesign Theater - All of them. (the BEST comedy ever)

Just to name a few!.

My collection grew and grew till I had over 250 albums. Mine was not the biggest collection among my friends (not by far) A friend of mine had a collection of over a thousand! But mine was the best. (my opinion). All that vinyl, it was great! Who knew then that someday it would be next to impossible to find a record player or system to play them on.

Somewhere along the line other things became more important than my tuner, turntable and speakers. Things like kids, family, college funding and the like. (Imagine that!) Anyway, I don't have those things anymore. So, a couple of years ago I found in a second hand store a decent record player but it's just OK. I need something different, something better.

Fast Forward, 2010 - Even though I'd love to relive those years, I know you can't go back. So, looking for a modern answer to the problem of wanting to listen to my beloved records without having a living room full of electronic equipment, it's time to turn those albums into CD's.

I got one of those record players that records albums into CD's!

It works great. All that great music now fits into a couple of shoe boxes instead of taking up a big chunk of closet space. I didn't spend a whole lot on this machine, it works good enough to do the job I wanted it to do. The problem is now, I'm still out of date. CD's are old news now, MP3 is now the norm. Now it's time to go digital and do away with the shoe boxes. Technology marches on and somehow again it's leaving me in the dust.

Oh, well, it's ok. Maybe this next Christmas I'll get one of those newfangled things and go rocketing into the 21st century! And then again, maybe not.

Hm, I wonder what ever happened to that old "Best of Howlin' Wolf" album?

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