Buy Vinyl Records? Classic Rock 'n Roll Collectors Say Yes!
By June Lazenby

Ah, the good old days ~ whether you're a confirmed rock and roll-aholic, a classical music aficionado or anywhere in between, our favourite tunes can transport us instantly to the memory of a first kiss, the after-grad party, the first time you saw a tequila sunrise. If you're going to buy music, here are three good reasons to stick with the original non-compact disc...

Right here is where you get to enter the analogue versus digital quality of sound debate. This is not the place to get into the technical reasons but there's definitely a belief that all digital music conversion involves "some loss of information." You can do the test yourself just like they did in the "Is it live or is it Memorex?" commercials. Blindfold a handful of your friends, play a tune on vinyl and then the same tune on CD, and see if they can tell the difference. Be warned: this test runs the risk that they may be delighted just to be blindfolded and therefore unable to hear anything after that.

Even if the record album itself is more scratched than the plexiglass windows on an old travel trailer, there's still the value of album art. All the vinyl album addicts that I know belong to the Baby Boomer generation. If you don't immediately understand the value in perusing the detail of a 12" x 12" print over a 5" x 5 ½" one, you're probably not old enough to appreciate my sense of humour. And I challenge any musical artist today to do Andy Warhol justice in a space the size of a CD case the way that the Rolling Stones did with the Sticky Fingers album cover.

Last but not least, there's some exceptionally good music out there on vinyl record albums that isn't even available on CD unless you can handle the whole conversion process at home. From the Beatles to Julie Andrews, someone's all-time favourite tunes are languishing in a box in the garage behind the Commodore 64.

Vinyl records are coming back and some believe that it is the CD that will go the way of the 8-track cartridge. Music stores are making more room to take advantage of the burgeoning new music fans that are buying vinyl record albums. They love the sound, the art, and the bands that are recording only on vinyl. They're actually a step ahead of my memories ~ they even appreciate the smell of vinyl!


If you have a vinyl fetish and you're into classic rock and roll, check out [ ] for the favourite vinyl records that your ex made you toss out years ago!

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