Vinyl to CD Conversion - Is This the Future of Vinyl?
By M J Miller

It's now easier than ever to convert your music from vinyl to CD. Advances in technology now mean that you can even do your conversions yourself as long as you're in possession of the right equipment. Alternatively, you can find a professional who can convert your music for you using top quality equipment. But just because it's become easier, does this mean it is the future of vinyl?

The Changing Music Scene

Vinyl was the main format for music from the 1920s to the 1980s, and those of a certain age can well remember the joy of buying their first vinyl and building up their collection. For many, vinyls are associated with happy memories of their youth, and to see them die out completely would be a shame.

However, when CDs came along in the 1980s, they changed things considerably. Offering better quality, portability and durability, they more or less took over from vinyl to become the dominant music format.

The End of Vinyl?

However, despite the many benefits of CDs, and the ability to now easily undertake vinyl to CD conversion, it is far too premature to predict the end of vinyl.

The fact is that vinyl will forever be the most popular way to listen to music for a great many people. For its fans, it has a richer and warmer sound which cannot be matched by digital. Some people even like the crackles and the imperfections that accompany the music, and all of this means that vinyl still has a lot of life in it yet.

Why Bother Converting?

If vinyl is always going to be around, is it even worth carrying out vinyl to CD conversion? There are many reasons why people would want to convert their vinyl collections even if they prefer listening to vinyl.

The main reasons are to back up the music and to increase portability. Vinyls are more prone to damage than CDs, meaning creating a backup can be a very good way to preserve the music. At the same time, once your music is in CD format you can then convert it into MP3 format with ease, meaning you can take your music out with you wherever you go.

Continue to Enjoy Your Vinyl Collection

Vinyl to CD conversion is not about getting rid of vinyls. Things have changed over the last few decades, first with CDs and then with MP3s, but vinyl will always be around. However, even if you love listening to your vinyl collection and would never even contemplate the thought of getting rid of it, it could still make sense to convert them to CD format as a useful backup and to listen to your collection on the go.

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