Why Vinyl Sounds Better Than a CD
By Jimmy Red

Quite a few people out there have an obsession with vinyl. Maybe it's just because they think it is vintage and therefore cool. Maybe they are just old school and prefer using what they already know. Maybe they are complete audiophiles who love their music that much.

Most people understand that vinyl sounds better then CD's and other modern digital equivalents such as DVD, mp3 and other software based recordings. However, the actual reasons why it sounds better are not so widely known. At first glance it might seem a bit complicated but it is in fact quite simple.

It basically comes down to the difference between analog and digital signals. Analog is simply a continuously variable signal. Therefore, changes in frequency are represented by a smooth wave. Basically, this implies that a change in frequency between two points will occur by moving through the complete range in between them. The result accurately sounds out every tiny change.

In order to encode a similar signal onto digital media such as a CD or DVD, there needs to be an analog to digital conversion. It does not matter how good the conversion is, there will always be losses which occur through the transition. Even though technology gets better and better and these losses are continually reduced, it is effectively impossible (at least in the current day and age), to reproduce an analog signal exactly with digital data. Now look our previous example of a progressive change between two frequency values. This time, what we have is a series of discrete changes between the two. Imagine if you were told to sing from your lowest note to your highest note using only three different tones. You would sing low, a medium note and then high. This is a very extreme example, but shows what is meant by discrete steps. Improved technology, in this example, would allow you to use more frequencies, say 5 times. Now you have a closer reproduction of the original smooth variant.

The human ear is able to detect changes in frequency smaller then what can reproduced by current technology, and therefore a trained ear can easily tell the difference between analog and digital signals. This is precisely why vinyl sounds better than CD (sorry for the long winded reason, but it's the only way to explain it!. We haven't even got to software recordings yet. MP3's and the like incur yet another layer of losses which further reduces the quality in audio. Try listening to a vinyl record after a similar mp3 and if you can't tell the difference, there might be something wrong with you! Just kidding, but there is a very clear difference. There are certain audio formats such as FLAC, which are higher resolution digital encodings, but this is in comparison with CD media. In other words, it is still digital, and will not replicate the sound in the same way as a live performance or a vinyl record.

Now you know why a vinyl record is that much better then any digital equivalent from the scientific side of things. I didn't even mention their inherited greatness just for being a vintage item!

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